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Research shows there are 3 keys to having a close-knit family.  They are:  1) Rituals 2) Traditions and 3) Communication.  


In his book, “Running with the Horses,” Dr. Larry Taylor agrees and says, “We can preach all we want about the many moral absolutes based on God’s Truth, such as purity in relationships, the sanctity of life, etc., but what increases the probability of your children internalizing and adhering to these absolutes is their relationship with YOU.  Our sermons are not impactful unless we have bonded with our kids.” 


So that brings us to pancakes.  


My daughter, Caroline and her hubby Brent started a family ritual once they had kiddos – Saturday morning pancakes.  Every Saturday morning, her boys know they get to gather around the table and enjoy homemade pancakes together as a family.  This simple act of togetherness will promote bonding and community, and giver her children a sense of stability.  


Rituals bring us together. They make us who we are.  What are your family rituals?  Have they changed through the years? Are you open to starting something new on your own? 

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