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I was sitting at a stoplight earlier this year reflecting on turning 60 and was overcome with a vision.  I saw a table filled with women of various ages and my heart started to beat fast and faster, and I knew God was up to something.


I began to pray and seek. I contacted women (my table seats 6 comfortably…) who were “graduating” one decade to a new one, like myself, or had recently graduated and through divine intervention, no joke, the table was set. We gathered, one evening in the spring, and A TABLE FOR THE AGES was born.


WHY?  Countless blessings come when women of different ages gather around a table. But mostly wisdom abounds. And it’s just not flowing from the older women to the younger women, it’s going upstream, too.  I’ve learned this as my daughters have grown into adult women.  Their faith challenges and spurs me on.  We can ALL learn from each other.  


Women are more isolated than ever.  For centuries women have successfully raised kids together, traveled together and worked together, but now we find ourselves more isolated than ever. We’ve gotten ourselves into a rhythm of depending solely on ourselves.  Is that God’s best for us? Did God create us to be a solo act? 


We all come from different places, but when we gather around a table, we find common ground. Women are better when we are FOR each other, not against.  Women are better when we cheer for each other, not jeer. Women are better together.


A TABLE FOR THE AGES is to encourage, inspire, teach, and learn, to share and speak life into fears, to laugh, cry and eat!  


That night at my house, 3 hours after we started, the women left in a rainstorm, literally, and with hearts overflowing for the time set aside to just be ourselves. 


WHAT? A TABLE FOR THE AGES is a one-night event for women of all ages and stages to gather.  {Side note: EVERY time I speak at an event, I ask the host, “Will the women be at tables?” (If you’ve ever coordinated an event with me in attendance, you know it’s true!) Why? Because we want to talk, share, and process together.  It’s more fun that way!} 


We’ll gather around tables, and I’ll teach a bit, then you’ll chat.  I’ll ask questions, then you’ll chat.   I’ll guide the women through the evening as they dive into real life discussions, while looking at the scripture, and encouraging each other along the way.  Oh yes, and we’ll eat!


“We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s good news, but our own lives, too.”  1 Thessalonians 2:  


“One generation shall command your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4


Are you a church, women’s group, neighborhood, or bible study? Are you Interested in learning more? Click the INFO tab and let’s connect. 

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