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Who has boys? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m reading the bible with fresh eyes now that I have grandsons! HOLY MOLY!

How many of us have held our children back in one way or another because we were afraid they would fail, or be ridiculed or not measure up? We do this! We look at our children and see ourselves, and POOF we’re drowning in our own insecurities yet once again. Ugh.

Please tell me where it says in the bible that David was number 1 in his class, a scholar athlete and most popular? Because I can’t find it. What it does say is that he young, and the picture of health. (1 Samuel 16:12) Okay. Check . Just a normal, young boy.

What we’re reminded of in v. 7 is that while we are so hyper-focused on the outward man, God is focused on the heart. And He was pleased with David’s.

When David heard Goliath squawking about how great he was and how he wanted to fight, David knew God would go before him. And he knew God could and would save him.

A little faith in a big God can slay any giant. (1 Samuel 17:46)

It wasn’t David’s ability that caused Goliath to fall that day. It was his heart. Are you raising children with an incredible faith and belief in a mighty, victorious God? David was a shepherd boy. Who grew to be a king. God’s plan for your children far outreaches what your mind can conceive. Step back and pray for faith to raise fearless warriors for the kingdom of God.

And to moms raising boys: oh man. I love you gals. You have this incredible opportunity to look at your boys and say, “God doesn’t care how big you are, or how fast you run or throw that ball. He wants your heart. He can do great and mighty things in you, no matter how old you are, if your heart is HIS!” I mean. Does it get any better that that in a world that puts such emphasis on the temporary stuff?

David meditated on God’s word. He loved it. Moms, that’s a great place to start. Love God’s word and teach it to your kiddos.

*photo by Max Goncharov

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